Call for Papers

Call for Papers

1st June 2018, Cardiff University


We are pleased to announce our first PGR symposium, to be held at Cardiff University on Friday 1st June 2018! We are excited to welcome Professor Clare Griffiths, Chair in Modern History at Cardiff University, as our keynote speaker.

In our daily lives, we associate the “natural” with spaces, lifestyles and products that are considered to be healthy, pure and peaceful. One common factor that defines their naturalness is their freedom from the polluting, artificial and violent influences of humanity. But is it possible to separate a “natural” from the designs of culture? Is this division merely an artifice of language that overlooks our material relationship to the landscape? How is the “natural” itself constructed, reproduced and redesigned by literary and artistic traditions, science, technology, ideology, media, the senses, memory, language and non-human animals?

We welcome proposals of 250 words from PGR students to present 15-20 minute papers on any aspect of ‘Design’ across the Arts and Humanities. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Place-making in the landscape: homes, villages, churches
  • Science and technology of design: farms, forests, waterways
  • The built environment
  • Designed spaces: parks, gardens, cities
  • “Natural” spaces
  • Theoretical approaches to landscape aesthetic
  • Literary and artistic representations of the lived environment
  • Ideological landscapes and contested spaces
  • Sensory experiences: Soundscapes and smellscapes

Following the successful use of twitter in other conferences we are also interested to receive short abstracts for papers to be delivered in up to 12 tweets on the day, in timed slots.

Please send abstracts to by Monday 30th April 2018.