Below is a draft list of speakers for the conference, that is subject to change. It will be amended into a timetable over the coming days.

Name University Title
Nikki Vousden University of Exeter Christianising a living landscape : continuity and change in early medieval south-west Wales
Joan Passey University of Exeter Restless Roaming Railways: Travel and Transgression in Victorian Cornwall
Leo Baker University of Bristol Constructing and Contesting Environments: The Power of Trespass in Nineteenth Century Somerset and Dorset
Lucy Macguire Aberystwth University ‘Woman of the Moor’ – Mapping the personal archive in the case of Hope Bourne
Susan Greaney Cardiff University ‘Natural’ places or designed landscapes? A sense of place at Neolithic monument complexes in the British Isles
Louise Bell Falmouth University Archives, Walking and the Act of Repair: Exploring Plymouth through Past and Present
Deborah Lam University of Bristol ‘Every entrance as an exit’: Divine Design in Dante’s Commedia
Meera Shirodkar University of Southampton Analysing Partition memories through their contemporary representations and enduring relevance in Indian Cinema.’
Alice Would University of Bristol Skin and Stuffing: the fusion of animal and man made matter in taxidermy production
Eloise Kane University of Bristol Lasting impressions: Landscapes rediscovered