6 thoughts on “The Tale of the Toad Stone

  1. Fantastic! Beautiful presentation in that little box, too. It’s a lovely example of the graphic antiquarianism approach that Dr. H favours. Excellent mix of science and feeling – really nicely done. Any plans for distribution/publication?


    1. Thanks! It’s been suggested that I work out a way to take it into primary schools in the villages around the Toad Stone’s landscape. I could scan the little pages and construct something more book-like; but I want to retain the flick book at the end. Happy for suggestions! Katy


  2. BlackBrunswicker

    Lovely – combining geological formation and antiquarian analysis into a box of delights. I think the shade of Geoffrey Grigson, whose bones lie in Wiltshire, would really like this. As do I. The moving toad is beautifully drawn too – much linear grace resides inside that earth-bound lump. Bravo.


    1. Thanks, I’m pleased you like the combination of presentation and content. It is a kind of modern antiquarianism, collecting snippets and bits of information and bringing them together in the story – a sort of illustrated Notes and Queries about toads in archaeology and geology.


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